Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cast Your Vote for Iron Hill

Happy for our regional faves and their success at this year's GABF, but still baffled by the near shutout of Iron Hill, I made a pit stop there the other day and found some intriguing brews coming up in the next couple of weeks. Chris and Jean were putting the wraps on a nicely done, straight-ahead Saison. Got a chance to taste it and it's just as it should be. It'll likely be on line by the time you read this. (They accepted my write-in vote.) Then, over the next few weeks they'll be taking this Saison and readying it with chamomile from Egypt and Chester County honey for, you guessed it, a Honey and Chamomile Saison. They anticipate having them both on at the same time for side-by-side comparison. How excited will I be if this winds up in the neighborhood of Cuvee Des Fleurs (from Southampton)??? Even if it's only down the street... Also coming on line very shortly is an enticing-sounding Cherry Vanilla Porter. The cherries were flown in from the Pacific Northwest (I believe they said Oregon?) and the vanilla beans come from somewhere (Madagascar could be a good bet?) that I don't have in my notes. So, go to the brewery and find out for yourself! Betchya won't be sorry.

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