Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pursuing Better Beer and the Stanley Cup

As some of you are probably aware, Finnigan's Wake had taken over the space formerly known as Red Bell at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA. Perhaps this end result isn't really all that newsworthy, good or bad. More likely indifferent. The beer selection when it was this thing called Red Bell ('thing' could be the best way to describe it, as a result of years of soap opera-like business dealings...detailed quite nicely over here, you'll need some time to read through it and keep the actors straight) was not all that great, but occasionally better than other macro muck floating around the arena. Last night, I got to my first Flyers game of the season and had a chance to check out some of the revamped drinking and dining options in the Center. I had not been to a game since before the strike season, when I dropped my share of a season ticket plan. The most interesting beer to be found in my quick tour through the lower level concourse was Red Hook's ESB and IPA. They were getting $7.00 and $7.50 for these two beer, respectively. Other beers found at Finnigan's Wake and elsewhere included: Bare Knuckle Stout; Grolsch; Bud Light; Hoegaarden. Finnigan's Wake had their "own" Red Lager on draft. This presumably is an A-B SPG branded beer for them, but I did not confirm. Flyers hockey is back in South Philly, and given the way that they're playing, so too perhaps will be playoff hockey. These guys are looking much sharper than last year. Now if we could only get a better beer selection in the Wachovia Center, more along the lines of Citizens Bank Park across the street, all would be just swell (not swill). Or else I'll need to bring my own. Hm, I wonder what a certain well-known local publican that I spied across the crowd was drinking?

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