Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Changes a-brewin' at Victory

While we all (continue) to wait on the 2007 (?) debut of Baltic Thunder at Victory, details of their planned makeover are hitting the wire. Long rumored changes to the layout appear to ready to go. Our man on the inside, Richard, posted some details at Beer Advocate. (Okay, so I peek once in a while...just so you don't have to!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A major, major renovation of the entire brewpub will most likely begin after the first of the year. The planned changes will be dramatic and give an entire different appearance to the bar/restaurant area. The current bar area will be gone....a new bar will be installed along the west wall in the new expanded dining area. The wall with the neon "V" sign will be removed to enlarge the dining area. The capacity of the bar and dining area will double from 120 to 240. There will be a combination of booth and table seating. There also will be a new entrance where the current hostess area is located. Plans for the bar area include a 20-tap tower and four hand pumps for cask-conditioned ales. Both Hop Devil and Storm King will be served 24/7 both CO2 and cask versions with two seasonal ales available on cask. The bar should accommodate 30+ people. There also will be a brand new, rebuilt kitchen which will allow for a greater diversity in the menu selections. Supposedly, the initial renovations will begin in January. There most likely will be a period in March or early April when the entire brewpub will be closed for two to four weeks. I know I will be mighty thirsty by the end of that period. Anyway, like I said, it should be quite a different looking place when it reopens in April.

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