Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Long, Sweet Weekend

Back fresh from an extended weekend in Hershey for a very special birthday celebration (not allowed to tell which special milestone birthday it was), I actually collected more beer points than I had originally anticipated. Plus, a Wanderin' Joe sighting. How lucky can a guy get?! Whoever came up with that moniker sure wasn't lying. Let's see, how did this all go? Shopping in Lancaster both on the way to Hershey and on the way home. So, that (obviously?) included a stop for beer paraphernalia and trinkets at Sam's Steins, directly across from the Tanger Outlets. I picked up a very nice piece of Salvator glassware. It also meant a lunch (gotta eat to shop, right?) at Lancaster Brewing. An Amish Four Grain (always best fresh) and a Hop Hog IPA (small glass, I was driving...though, the waitress called me a wuss) with lunch...perfecto! Then, a Wanderin' Joe sighting (surprisingly, no Woody sighting) at the bar...after a stop at Victory and Stoudt's, no less. My hero :) Finally, on to our destination at the Hershey Hotel & Spa. Very nice, very relaxing, and surprisingly an okay selection of beer. Though, I won't be doing a "What's On Tap" installment for Hershey, PA anytime soon, finding Tröegs, Appalachian, Victory, and Lancaster on tap made watching the Eagles debacle on Sunday night slightly more palatable. Of course, when in Chocolatetown USA, Young's Double Chocolate Stout for dessert just seems to make perfect sense. If more time was permitting, a quick 15-mile jaunt farther west to Harrisburg would have been in order but, alas, it was time for the long weekend to come to a close so it was back to the east we headed. We sure do live in a beer rich region...I think this has been mentioned somewhere once or twice or thrice before. When decent beer can be found at a luxurious 5-star hotel and spa, I think that about seals the case. Does anyone feel that I'm trying to cram as many links to Jack in one posting as possible? Why would I do that? It's not like he's paying me any referral fees. I must

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Adam said...

Since Jack turned Super Hero he probably doesn't need the press.


Sounds like a great weekend. Interesting find at the hotel.