Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wanna Know What's Coming?

Time to end the suspense. Based on the hate mail that I've been receiving, I can tell that you're all anxious to see what I've been teasing you about "coming this week." Perhaps this will live up to its advance billing. Maybe not. You'll be the judge.

If you follow along here at The Brew Lounge regularly enough, you know that I provide you with the service of current tap lists at places like The Drafting Room, Flying Pig, and Teresa's Next Door. In TDR's case, they have an occasionally updated tap list at their website. For the latter two, you won't find anything online, not even a website. Funny how some will bemoan that fact by citing that in this age, it's a requirement for all businesses to maintain a website. I, on the other hand, find it funny that TND is not suffering from lack of business ever since they opened...still without a website. Anyways...

That's where I come in. You've no doubt heard me and various others extol the virtues of this southeastern Pennsylvania region, which is sometimes lovingly referred to as part of The Fertile Crescent. Occupying a chunk of this territory is my home turf, northern Chester County. And, while I can get into Philadelphia and partake in its world-class beer scene virtually anytime I desire, things ain't too bad in the few miles that I need to stumble from my front door to at least a dozen places making and serving up good beer.

What this has all led to is my attempt to put together a bit of analysis to prove The Fertile Crescent's claim to beer fame. On Thursday, I will publish a list of what is expected to be on tap Friday at over a dozen bars and brewpubs in the northern Chester County area. I will also try to bring focus to the diversity of styles that are offered up at these various locations.

What I'd also like to hear from you is how much you like this idea of having tap lists available to you when deciding which watering hole to visit. If not so much, then this will at least have been a fun little exercise. Or, maybe you'd like to see this on a regular basis.

In any case, stay tuned one more day and you'll see what this is all about.


Anonymous said...

Bryan, sounds like you really have a great idea going on there. Can't wait to check it out when you have it up.



Anonymous said...

Bryan.......seeing as you're look'in into my usual "golden triangle" region, gimmie a buzz....Stoudts (Scotch ale...Winter porter)....UBW (mmmmMai-bock)...LBC (or as I still prefer LMB....Winter Warmer).....even Bube's (gett'in better).
Great idea....get into some lager-rhythm as well!

Anonymous said...



Adam said...

You know what I think, but, I wanted to let others know...

When I moved into this area, Northern Chester County, I had no idea how good the beer scene was. I think efforts like this are akin to aspect of a Chamber of Commerce
for beer. I can't wait to see the list and I would hope that people who aren't in the know will get a look at it. I mean we, beer geeks, will do anything to find out what beer is available in our region. Why not put that to good use?

Rock on!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Greg, hopefully you can join us this weekend ;-)

Joe, I'm beginning this little experiment with northern Chester County...maybe Lancaster County next!

Eric, thanks...I hope it lives up to your expectation.

Adam, Chamber of Beer? Beer CofC? Hm, makes you wonder why this area doesn't have some sort of "beer guild", eh? Like so many other regions in the country that do.

thanks guys, just a few hours 'til publishing now!

Anonymous said...

TND has had constant press, first Beer Advocate, then Philly Mag, then the media darling sixtel, then Craig Laban....Matt Guyer and the power of his Beeryard [he is very smart, plays the PR thing well, he stays behind the scenes but he also has Jack Curtin]. I respect Matt highly because he knows what he's doing.