Saturday, November 17, 2007

Six Degrees (or less) to Switzerland

Let's see...You know me, I know Greg (or maybe you know Greg too), Greg is living for a while in Luxembourg and will occasionally get to Switzerland, France, Germany, and Belgium, therefore so will we. I finally settled down with a cup of coffee this morning, put the iTunes on shuffle, and committed to reading all of Greg's posts to-date. Since moving over there (has it been a month yet, or two?), he and his wife Paula have been putting together their lives (and their cat Molly's too). But, they've also been getting out and enjoying some of the European culture and beer. Go and check out his blog that he's keeping up on while they're in Europe. He has a great descriptive writing style, supported by plenty of pictures, that makes you feel like you too are there. Now that I'm up-to-date, I'll be waiting anxiously for their next adventure. I'm just trying to figure out if he really has a job that he's working at over there. After all, he's mentioned traveling, beer, holiday, beer, food, house hunting, beer, food, etc!!! Wonder if he'll package up any of that cheap Belgian beer and send it to the States? Probably not, too risky. But, he may still have a cellar full of Russian River and other goodies that he left behind here. Where did I put that key?

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Greg G. said...

Ok, first, thanks for the kind words Bryan.

This doesn't help to support the fact that I actually have a pretty busy job over here in Luxembourg but tonight my wife and I went to the the Marine Corp. Ball at the Luxembourg Casino 2000 and it was a ball and a bunch of fun. Although we didn't have any beer, we did have several bottles of red and white wine and we met the embassador to Luxembourg and several fine Marines on duty here and danced with some of them, including the embassador. We also made friends with some Luxembourgish folks including a politician or something like that.

I do have a job, a swear. I just don't live to work.....I work to live or holiday as we say here.