Sunday, June 15, 2008

Adam Avery for President

I knew that this last week's trip to the Dallas area was going to be different when I was minding my own business at The Old Monk in Dallas.

Well, you could say I wasn't entirely minding my own business because I happened to take notice of someone who looked very familiar ordering a beer next to me at the bar. But, I figured...what would Adam Avery be doing in Dallas?

Of course, being the friendly sorta guy that I am, I chatted them up. Turns out, he and a assorted bunch of brewers and publican GMs were on an annual fishing trip.

Where does the 'president' reference come in to the story here? He's already the president and brewmaster of his eponymous brewery. But, when you've got certain Presidential candidates questionably slinging back various fermenteds, and this Avery guy hands me an Irish Car Bomb...well, you just go with the flow.

Just maybe he's aspiring to higher presidential office. Avery and Irish Car Bombs; If this is the way their trip began, I can only imagine how the rest of their trip unfolded. More of my own Dallas trip to come over the coming week. [Pictures have been withheld to protect the not-so-innocent.]

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