Monday, June 30, 2008

Beer Dates In History: July Anniversaries

25 years Hale's Ales 20 years Gordon Biersch 15 years Richbrau Brewing 13 years Stewart's Brewing 10 years Gritty McDuff's Rochester Mills Pizza Port (San Clemente)


Dan Bengel said...

You have to say which Gritty's. The first opened in Portland Maine in 1988.

Anonymous said...

We're 13 the last weekend of July, and having a big outdoor bash on the 26th. Come on down!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Dan, thanks for the catch. My spreadsheet has the locations backwards. It's Freeport that is 13 in July and Portland which turns 20 in December. Great catch. maybe I'll buy you one of those free beers sometime soon.

Ric, you are absolutely correct. Though, I have a spreadsheet with around 2000 establishments and their "birthdates" in it (both domestic and int'l), so I concentrate on anniversaries in 5 year increments to keep the overall workload as low as possible.

But, I'm happy to make an exception for your lucky number 13 and promise to stop in soon, as I promised in a previous email :)

Thanks, guys, for the notes