Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Brew Lounge is going to Pittsburgh

The Official Event Notice
Guess if Guv Ed can do it, so can I. But, must I wear a Penguins jersey and drink and I-C Light? Rumor has it, I may. The time has finally come for The Brew Lounge and its area breweries and bars to pay up. On 6/28, I'll be hand-delivering all sorts of goodies from 11 different Philly-based establishments. You may recall that they were pledged during the Flyers-Penguins Eastern Conference finals a few weeks back. On the other end of the wager, was Craft Beer Radio which is based out of Pittsburgh...and, I should add, has been doing a remarkable job of getting all sorts of high-quality material distributed from their official coverage of the Brewers Association's SAVOR event last month. Here's the deal: one of the Pittsburgh area's more well-acclaimed bars, Bocktown Bar & Grill is hosting a party of sorts for us all to meet up and partake in these goodies. It will take place from 3pm-7pm on Saturday, June 28th. Will you be there? Do you want more information? Drop me a line.
The Official Event Notice


Adam said...

Are you sure you're not going to wear a Flyers jersey and take some Yards ESA with you? You know this could be a trap ;-)

This could really work out for me. I'll be in Da 'Burgh that weekend :-)

Adam said...
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Kevin said...

If you get the chance, try the Piper's Pub. They just installed a triple beer engine (like Sly Fox's.) I have never been there but also never travel and like to live vicariously through your wonderful trips to far off places.

Leo-oo- said...

Have fun and enjoy your trip!

Dr Joel said...

It's been nice knowing you Bryan.