Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Brew Lounge is going to Pittsburgh

The Official Event Notice
Guess if Guv Ed can do it, so can I. But, must I wear a Penguins jersey and drink and I-C Light? Rumor has it, I may. The time has finally come for The Brew Lounge and its area breweries and bars to pay up. On 6/28, I'll be hand-delivering all sorts of goodies from 11 different Philly-based establishments. You may recall that they were pledged during the Flyers-Penguins Eastern Conference finals a few weeks back. On the other end of the wager, was Craft Beer Radio which is based out of Pittsburgh...and, I should add, has been doing a remarkable job of getting all sorts of high-quality material distributed from their official coverage of the Brewers Association's SAVOR event last month. Here's the deal: one of the Pittsburgh area's more well-acclaimed bars, Bocktown Bar & Grill is hosting a party of sorts for us all to meet up and partake in these goodies. It will take place from 3pm-7pm on Saturday, June 28th. Will you be there? Do you want more information? Drop me a line.
The Official Event Notice


Adam said...

Are you sure you're not going to wear a Flyers jersey and take some Yards ESA with you? You know this could be a trap ;-)

This could really work out for me. I'll be in Da 'Burgh that weekend :-)

Adam said...
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Kevin said...

If you get the chance, try the Piper's Pub. They just installed a triple beer engine (like Sly Fox's.) I have never been there but also never travel and like to live vicariously through your wonderful trips to far off places.

Anonymous said...

Have fun and enjoy your trip!

Dr Joel said...

It's been nice knowing you Bryan.