Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brewers are doing it too

I'm sure this is killin' the non-runners by now, but...... You probably already knew that a few beer lads and lasses lace up their inner adidas and that many beer folk take to the two-wheeled pedal power. But, a quick shout out here to John Rehm over at Philadelphia Brewing who I might expect to see pounding the pavement sometime soon as well. He was hoping to join us back in March for the run during Philly Beer Week, but it didn't work out. Fishtown is certainly closer to his home, so I'll bet he gets out with these guys and gals at Fishtown Beer Runners Club once and a while. Looks like they've got a nice thing going over there, with a great mission statement. I might even find myself trekking over to Fishtown to go out for a group run with them (helps me with ideas for my own, as well). Thanks, John, for the link to The Brew Lounge. I couldn't have said it better myself when you said: "Anyways I think its long overdue that we change the misconception that all beer drinkers (and brewers for that matter) are fat or unhealthy. In many cases the opposite is true... ...And if you're some sort of neo-prohibitionist weirdo who is also a runner and thinks I'm full of it ... I'll race ya." Any chance to stick it to the neo-prohibitionists works for me. Oh yeah, he also had some lovely words to say about his Fleur de Lehigh.

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