Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Philly Beer Week 2010: Comprehensive Coverage

Here we go 'round again. Philly Beer Week 2010. Bigger and Better than ever? Now in June. This was interesting to observe with the change in calendar and I'll have more on that aspect later.

With close to 1,000 "events" reportedly scheduled (and, yes, more on that later as well) across the Philadelphia region, there was promised to be something for just about anyone looking to have a good beer to toast the merits of the Philadelphia Beer Landscape from June 4th-June 13th. Lucky for us, the Landscape doesn't change or "go back" to anything different after June 13th....well, okay, perhaps with a bit less volume and intensity.

This page here will serve as my repository for all things Philly Beer Week 2010. My own notes, pictures, and wrap-ups. But, not one man, woman, or even a group could cover the whole thing, so I get by with a little help from my friends and link out to other perspectives down below. Let's get started!

The Brew Lounge Wrap-up and Pictures
Friday June 4 - 6/4 Wrap-Up - 6/4 Pictures
Saturday June 5 - 6/5 Wrap-Up
Sunday June 6 - 6/6 Wrap-Up - 6/6 Pictures
Monday June 7 - 6/7 Wrap-Up - 6/7 Pictures
Tuesday June 8 - 6/8 Wrap-Up - 6/8 Pictures
Wednesday June 9 - 6/9 Wrap-Up
Thursday June 10 - 6/10 Wrap-Up - 6/10 Pictures
Friday June 11 - 6/11 Wrap-Up
Saturday June 12 - 6/12 Wrap-Up - 6/12 Pictures
Sunday June 13 - 6/13 Wrap-Up - 6/13 Pictures

Insights from other Prodigious Online Presences during PBW '10
Suzanne Woods, The Beer Lass
~~ Eating and Drinking her way through PBW '10
~~ A hilarious insight into sales rep chatter during PBW '10
~~ Do you know the way to Saint Nobodyville?
~~ Suck it Up: It's only Day 2
~~ Pre-PBW'10 Picks

Jack Curtin, The Liquid Diet
~~ Back to the future to the past, before the wrap-up in the beginning
~~ His wrap-up, briefly
~~ Notes #4, though I couldn't find #1, #2, or #3
~~ In which He gives credit to me, but mostly to Mrs. Brew Lounge
~~ The Crawl that Was or Was Not

Helene Roper, The Philly Beer Girl
~~ Days 5-8
~~ The Beginning

Don Russell, The Joe Sixpack
~~ A prelude on 5/13/10
~~ Philly Beer Geek wrap-up

Jay Brooks, The Bay Area Brookston (sorry, I made that up)
~~ Look who Came to Dinner
~~ Go Hammer, Go Hammer...don't hurt 'em

Lew Bryson, The Laugh
~~ A bit of This, That, and The Other...pick a posting for yourself and see

~~ Lots of content, mostly in the form of "their PBW picks"

Hammer of Glory video
~~ Head over to a Facebook video for a fun video of the rollicking tour that the Hammer took on Day 1

A Guy named Steve Lyford
~~ took off the whole week, took a lot of pictures, and finally hardly any have his extended arm in the foreground! Good stuff and amazing dedication, check 'em out

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