Sunday, June 13, 2010

Philly Beer Week 2010: Day 9 Wrap-Up

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Yup, Day 9 already. As long as June 4th took to finally get here, ten days of frothy frivolity are almost in the books. Some events from last weekend feel like a year ago, though.

Here on Day 9 yesterday, my plans were to really take it easy and make sure that the final preparations were all in place for my Amazing Philly Beer Race set to take place today and conclude at Dock Street, just as the live music and cookout are kicking off.

Of course, taking it easy is all relative. For starters, I busted butt in the yard, garden, and on the roof (gutters) getting caught up on things that have been, oh shall we say, neglected over the past several days?!

Then a few quick errands and dinner was in order. Of course, very close to home for me is a right fine establishment that happens to serve up some good vittles and also just so happened to have a wonderful little Philly Beer Week event going on.

Oh, was TJs in Paoli. And, with that we made our second PBW '10 visit to TJs.

Now, given the type of event, taking it easy was just about out the window when less than 60 seconds into introductions, James Watt, "Head of Stuff" at BrewDog offered up a sample of Sink the Bismarck, his latest entry into the world's strongest beer wars....yes, my friends, this reported 41% ABV beer slid down my gullet into my stomach warming and clearing everything in its path. Thing was, it was also a smooth and, yes, tasty beverage. But, maybe something that I should chase with some food straight away! (Settle down all you law enforcement types....this was a gift from the brewery and not an official part of the event. Don't go trying to start any trouble around here.)

A BrewDog Dogma here, a Stone Collaboration Saison du Buff there, and a Stone Citra Dry-Hopped Bastard (yup, this one's on the official "State List" as well!) in between to keep me happy during my "taking-it-easy-Saturday-Night"! :)

After a lot of socializing and good times (and a disappearing Jack act...reportedly wanted to eat somewhere else), we finally headed out.

Then it was home where neighbors Scott and Kathleen, undercover beer hunters and gatherers, came back from McKenzie Brew House with a growler of 3 Threads (an interesting barrel-aged blended beer (didn't get the full notes on this) and dry-hopped with Simcoe). As a good neighbor, I helped uphold the consumption end of things. This is a beer I want to learn more about.

Like that, nine days are history and there's one more today to conduct my Amazing Beer Race that concludes at Dock Street. If we have a few bits of energy remaining, we may stop in at Local 44 to see what remains from its Russian River blowout...the Registration Ale sounds worthy of seeking out.

Hang in there kids, we're almost back to Philly Beer Normal.

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