Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Philly Beer Week 2010: The Survey and a Chance to Win Opening Tap 2011 Tickets

For all of my prattling on about soliciting feedback for Philly Beer Week, they now have an attendee survey up for your use. Like last year, it looks to collect some demographic information amongst other questions related to how you've learned about PBW and its events, where you spent any of the 10 days, what you enjoyed (and didn't), how PBW can be improved, and how much you spent. There are 22 questions and I can't imagine that it takes you more than 5-10 minutes to complete. Oh, and from my selfish perspective, if you learned anything about PBW events from The Brew Lounge, feel free to let them know that in the 'Other' box for question 15 ;-) Notification of this survey is seeping out via Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. To stand a better chance at hitting a wider swath of survey-takers, I think that it would be useful, as well, to link to it from the top of the homepage on, since they appear to be keeping the site alive for certain events to be posted on year-round. Complete the survey by next Monday (6/28) at 3pm (eastern time, I presume) to be eligible to win one pair of tickets out of five pairs to Opening Tap 2011. Change only stands a chance of coming about if you make your voice heard!

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