Tuesday, June 22, 2010

There IS such a thing as free lunch (and a 'Perfect 10') at Iron Hill

(Iron Hill's brewer, Bob Barrar)
At each of Iron Hill's locations, they are giving out free lunch at each of their respective locations for their 10th anniversaries as they roll around. (Don't bother trying to go in there now asking for a free lunch, I'm telling you about this after-the-fact ;=) Media, PA's 10th anniversary was celebrated yesterday...next up, Wilmington's rolls around in 2013...and Maple Shade's finally in 2019. Sorry, Jersey beer drinkers, you'll need to wait a few more years for your free lunch. As for the other birth dates, Newark (1996), West Chester (1998), North Wales (2004), Phoenixville (2006), and Lancaster (2007) round out the remainder of the eight locations. Not content to settle for a free lunch, Bob Barrar (oft-decorated brewer) brewed up a biggie of a beer and called it Perfect 10 to celebrate his brewery's anniversary. Why? Well, in their words, there are 10 reasons why... 1. TEN different hop varieties 2. One Hundred and TEN IBU’s 3. TEN Percent ABV 4. TEN lbs of Orange Blossom Honey per BBL 5. TEN lbs of hops per BBL 6. TEN grams of servo (yeast nutrient) 7. TEN years of Media Brewing 8. TEN minutes in the Hop Back on 46lbs of hops 9. TEN years of Bob Barrar, Head Brewer 10. TEN year celebration of Media Hop Heads It sounds like the word was spread effectively yesterday. A quick call into Media tonight and they're reporting back that the special 750ml Reserve Bottles have vanished. Growlers are still available for $15.75 plus tax. Congratulations to Bob and the entire Iron Hill crew for their continued success.

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