Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pintley for Mobile/Web Beer App of the Year?

I've given Pintley a test run, both on my desktop and my mobile phone. Results are very good. The app is extremely easy-to-use, clean and intuitive, and after rating approximately 150 beers, I'm comfortable recommending it along to you. It can be as simple (1-5 rating) or as complicated (tasting notes, tweeting, facebooking, etc.) as you'd like it to be. But, the best thing? Or at least one of the best things? The privacy. I'm not a big fan, personally, of beer ratings websites and doing such things myself. But, here at Pintley, if I wish to share my ratings, I may do so. However, the driving mission of Pintley to deliver personal value, first and foremost. So, that means that unlike other public rating sites, no one needs to see my beer ratings if I choose. But be forewarned! If you download the mobile app, of the boilerplate intense doomsday warning: "Rated 17+ for the following: Frequent/Intense Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References"! :-D

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