Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year-end Lost 'n' Found, part 3

Somehow through the frothy fun of a Very Shelton Brothers Christmas at Teresa's Next Door, I neglected to share with you all what was shared around our table. With Andy's blessing, I brought a growler of Victory's Sticke'y Monkey, which I had just a few hours earlier purchased at Victory in Downingtown, in from the car and poured 10 or 12 glasses out for some of the friendly faces around the table and bar. A 9-month Brett-fermented version of their Golden Monkey, we all agreed that it could have just as easily been named Funkey Monkey. But, the origin of the name is revealed in the tag hanging off the growler neck. There were reportedly 3 kegs worth of this beer pre-growlered up for takeout only. Dusseldorf altbier pubs have a custom of releasing secret treats for their local loyalists that are dubbed 'sticke' beers. Well, we have a secret to share, in that same tradition...Behold, our beloved Golden Monkey, fermented with brettanomyces yeast over 9 months! This Golden Monkey has a unique, underlying tartness and earthy complexity from a simple change of yeast. Enjoy it now, because this experiment no longer exists outside of this bottle you possess. Cheers! A true treat and a surprise just before the holidays. Much appreciated, Victory. Here's a rare solo picture of me that David McDuff put up on Facebook; I've copied here for your ease of viewing. UPDATE: According to Andie in the retail shop (where you must purchase the pre-filled growlers from), as of 12/29 12 growlers of Sticke'y Monkey still remain.

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