Tuesday, December 07, 2010

This is a Stoudt's, Eddie's Bread, Duvel, Food-and-Beer Pairing all-in-one posting

My fancy new camera needs some tweaking. This beautifully composed picture I took three different ways with three different focal points. I settled on the one with the Stoudt's bottle in focus because, well, this is first and foremost a place where we talk about beer first and foremost. And then I figured why spread out a bunch of smaller material across 4 different postings when I could tell you all in one place at one time that: 1) Eddie's Bread in the Wonderful Good Market at its Adamstown home behind Stoudt's restaurant and brewery is as good as it's ever been. Spotted a Sauerkraut Rye loaf that might make an appearance on our New Year's Day dinner table alongside pork, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes. This time took home a sourdough. 2) Stoudt's has a Brewers Reserve bottle out (not sure for exactly how long now it's been) called Adamstown Brown. It's a solid brown ale with a solid flavor shot of hops. 3) This beer goes real nicely inside the new piece of glassware from Duvel that came home with us from the Duvel Day event last Wednesday evening at Monk's. Looking forward to future renditions of similar glassware from Duvel. 4) The beer goes pretty nicely, as well, with a bowl of pasta and lentil (and a produce drawer's worth of vegetables) soup. It might have been a tad hoppier than a perfect pairing would call for (where's my Legend Brown when I need it?), but the solid malt backbone of this beer and the lentils played happily together. Oh, yeah, and the sourdough bread was pretty happy to play nicely with the others. How's that for a keyword-rich posting? Maybe that will improve my Wikio ranking, y'think?

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