Monday, December 27, 2010

Year-end Lost 'n' Found

Back to the Aecht Schlenkerla dinner at Brauhaus Schmitz earlier last month. Just before the terrific course of Schlenkerla Märzen and Bamberg Onion, I took video of Matthias Trum introducing the course and giving some further background on smokebier. It was the only video I took of the night and I promptly forgot about it. Not only does it showcase the small Kodak Playsport video camera that I bought (similar, but better, in my opinion than the Flip), but it provides some in-living color evidence of what I wrote in black-and-white text--the humor and the ease in which Trum communicated with the room and delivered interesting information via his speaking and his accompanying PowerPoint presentation. You should be able to pick up most of the audio. Given the low light and Trum's voice moving to and from the camera, I'm fairly pleased with the way it recorded. The video also illustrates what I mentioned of the exemplary behavior of the attendees. The background noise that you hear comes from the bar area away from the dining room where Trum was speaking. Enjoy.

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