Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Philly Beer Week 2011: A scheduling note

One last major posting here for May 2011.

I swore I wouldn't be as obsessive about updating my June calendar of events this year as I've been in past years during PBW. So, I waited until last week to take a first pass at it.

And now, I've made one more, and last, pass at it. At this point, as "they" say, it is what it is. Since the first draft I put out there, there have been around 100 modifications of either adds, edits, or deletes. You can find them easily by looking at column A's modification date.

You can find this spreadsheet thing at the same link you've become accustomed to using: [Link to Google Docs, home of "the spreadsheet"]

The counts on the big board, at least as best I can tell, show a whole lot of beer being poured at somewhere around 175 venues during 850 "events", give or take.

Fortunately, there are all those website/app/twitter goodies to keep you plugged in, should you need a "lifeline" as you navigate the phriendly streets of phrothy phun during Philly Beer Week (argh, what just came over me there?!). You can find them over at the official Philly Beer Week website, home to everything you need to know prior to getting started later this week.

Have it at and I'll see you somewhere along the way! (I'll be back later in the week with some attempt at letting you know where I may be found and what I may be doing.)

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