Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Run this Thursday, will you?

And drink free beer too. Well, some of it will be free, at least.

Here's the story.

I sort of snuck this story out on a Sunday over a week ago. Many of you noticed, but I'm guessing some may have missed this. You can link back to the original posting if you wish.

Basically, I'm teaming up with the Fishtown Beer Runners (FBR) on Thursday, May 19 for a run and some beers. FBR will conduct the run. It's a 6.5 mile run through the city ending at Johnny Brenda's.

At JB's, Jean Broillet will present a keg of Tired Hands beer to us as a complimentary gesture. Well, actually he's not yet permitted to sell the beer in the State, but you can have it as a preview taste of what he'll be making in his Ardmore brewery later this year once he opens shop. He'll be at JB's to talk about his beer, location, and plans with anyone who's interested.

He plans to bring for us a "spicy saison" weighing in at around 3.6% ABV. Perfect for what we'll need after the run. Other session-y type will also be on hand. Jean's beer will be complimentary; the rest (and food) will be pay-as-you-go.

By the way, we run rain or shine. Runners (esp. FBRs) are a hearty bunch.

So far, we've got around 50 runners expected. But, we can always use more. mailto:Bryan@BrewLounge.com?subj=BeerRunRSVP if this is something you'd like to join us for. The RSVP will help with proper planning at Johnny Brenda's.

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