Monday, May 23, 2011

Special Edition: The Brew Lounge's June 2011 Calendar

Let's face it; with Philly Beer Week occurring from June 3-June 12, there's not much else happening in the Philadelphia region during the month of June. Area bars, breweries, and distributors will put out everything they've got to attract a crowd during one of the country's most recognized and successful Beer Weeks.

For over five years, I've put out monthly and weekly calendars of "what to do" in and around the Philadelphia region.

Here in June 2011, I'm putting the whole month's worth of events into one big spreadsheet (including all of the events due to occur during Philly Beer Week) and posting it up for anyone to download for their own personal use.

Keep in mind that this spreadsheet "calendar" is not the official PBW '11 calendar of events. If you need something as current and accurate as possible, you should check with either Philly Beer Week's website (or mobile app) or, better yet, contact the event sponsor directly.

On to the spreadsheet. Let me know if you need any assistance with it or have constructive comments about it.

If you haven't begun planning yet, consider this your 10 day warning :)

Oh, and also...take in low doses. It can be overwhelming. For heart palpitations lasting longer than 4 minutes, please consult your doctor :)

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