Friday, November 11, 2011

Sierra Nevada at The Drafting Room, 11/10/11 -- A beer dinner that should not have been missed.

Don't say I didn't tell you so. Last night's dinner at The Drafting Room in Exton was shaping up to be, and turned out to quite possible be, one of the best dinners they've ever hosted...or so I'm told.

I showed up as the dinner checks were being distributed. That's what happens when I'm in Providence for most of the week and then return in the middle of a storm front that delayed me nearly two hours.

But the Drafting Room staff was kind enough to box up everything except the beer for me to take home for later enjoyment. As I talked with one guest after another, I'm not sure that there was a particular clear-cut favorite amongst the four dinner courses -- chiefly because there were no clunkers in the meal, not by a long shot. It's likely, though, that I may have heard the most raves for the Short Ribs paired with Life & Limb 2, which was also accompanied by a porter-glazed gingerbread. The Suckling Pig paired with the Ovila Saison also drew plenty of drools as well.

Exton Dish was spotted in the house amongst the 80 or so seats of beer (and food, natch) loving folks. If they post some pictures, I'll come back to supply a link to them.

In another week, Patrick Mullin will officially be moving on from Sierra Nevada. If this was his last hurrah with the team, it was at least three cheers worth or more.

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