Sunday, November 06, 2011

Thursday, Nov. 10, Sierra Nevada Beer Dinner at The Drafting Room

Some might call this Patrick Mullin's farewell dinner at The Drafting Room. It would not be entirely inaccurate. Though, to be fair, better beer fans will still continue to see Patrick around town after the transition to his new role at Sly Fox.

The Drafting Room in Exton hosts many events during the course of the year, but only a few set price, timed, sit-down dinners. One of the dinners is reserved for Sierra Nevada and Patrick Mullin — being of the TDR alumni family does have its benefits.

The TDR menu throughout the year showcases a little bit of everything for the family to enjoy and Sunday/holiday brunches are widely acclaimed and often sold out.

But, for the beer dinners, Chef Theo Charitos takes it another notch or two and rolls out the best.

Don't take it from me; well, actually, yes do take it from me and my review of the first installment back in '08 and the follow-up one in '09. Searching my archives, I either missed last year's or they did not present one, my memory fails at this point.

For yet further proof, check out the beer list below for this coming Thursday's dinner and hop over to TDR's website for the full menu.

Sierra Nevada's Estate Homegrown with a bunch of appetizers, Ovila Saison with suckling pig, Life and Limb 2 with short ribs, Ovila Quad with a berry crostada, and Northern Hemisphere Harvest and Ovila Abbey Dubbel with a cheese plate.

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