Friday, November 04, 2011

Sierra Nevada loses one, Sly Fox gains one, the Philly region retains Patrick Mullin

Had to keep this one to myself until the news made its way through the mid-Atlantic breaking news clearinghouse.

Patrick Mullin, as regional sales manager for Sierra Nevada, has racked up some frequent flyer miles over the past few years to the West Coast and the Sierra Nevada headquarters in Chico. But, his lifetime platinum status will have to wait until he helps grow Sly Fox beyond the mid-Atlantic states.

Mullin will be seen around the Philly region transitioning his Sierra Nevada relationships over the next two weeks before he prepares in his new role which will begin in January.

Congrats to Sly Fox for bolstering its sales team as it prepares to grow in 2012.

Get the full scoop over at Jack Curtin's site and be sure to also do the requisite jump to Beer Yard.

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