Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Exton Square Mall is getting a "taproom"?

This one is for the locals — northern Chester County, Pa. locals, that is.

I'd heard whispers a while ago about something "beer-related" going in the vacated Houlihan's space in the Exton Square Mall. Now, I see that it's the Brewstone Beer Company, proclaimed a restaurant and taproom. But, don't let the name fool you, they're not making their own beer there.

Doing no other research than a quick perusal of the corporate website, it looks to be offering up standard, well I suppose Houlihan-ish type, fare. The beers run the gamut of very-very-standard/bland to sort-of-scratching-the-surface of craft-adventure.

Perfect scenario would be if they realize, beer-wise, that the Philly regional market is a bit to the right of the curve when it comes beer. The imperfect scenario will be if they're merely attempting to capitalize on the craft beer "wave" by incorporating "beer company" into their name.

The only other location appears to be in Indianapolis (1/2 hour north of downtown) with one on the way in each western PA and Ohio. Apparently, the one in Indianapolis only opened in the past few months and is boasting at least 50 beers on tap. At least one source claims perhaps up to 120?

Anyone know something more about this?

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