Monday, April 09, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 4/9/12

Here's what you might have missed out on over the past week or two in the great big wide world of beer.

~ The last two years, a non-blogger won for "Best Beer Blogger" in the annual Philly Beer Scene awards. Now the category is "Best Beer Writer"; I can only imagine how this will go. I am humbled to be nominated in a group of deserving folks. If you think what I do adds value and betters the Philly beer scene (lower case), then I would be honored if you Voted For Me. Here's a link to the poll.

~ German is as Brauhaus Schmitz does on South Street. No other purported German joint in the Philly region compares.

~ Ryan Hudak, of In Search Of Beer, went to the Yards Real Ale Invitational a couple of weeks back and liked what he tasted. Though, he would have liked more food stations and few less ABVs or ounces, or both.

~ You know I love Philly, but, c'mon, did you really expect New Belgium to locate in the city not exactly known for innovation, forward-thinking, can-do attitude, make-it-happen-now, cooperation (see: Convention Center, Delaware Avenue, or myriad other undertakings too lengthy to list here), etc.? Doing business in the City is not for the faint of heart, or impatient. Philadelphia Business Journal, amongst many others, reported the news this week.

~ Forest & Main officially opens to the public on Friday, April 13. I wouldn't blame you if you missed my announcement this past holiday weekend.

~ Jeff Linkous shares the comings along of Flying Fish's big plans just across the bridges in New Jersey.

~ Jack Curtin brings us up-to-speed on Sly Fox's construction progress this side of the river, actually all the way out in Pottstown. Though, I guess if you live in Pottstown, it's really not "all the way out there", now is it?

~ Suburban Beer Week 19468, April 23 to 29

~ I guess this can be filed under "wow", if this is as accruate and complete as they are hoping it is. Seek-A-Brew has put together what could turn out to be a pretty useful (and intuitive, very important) tool for finding beer and how it's distributed around the country. I'd like to see more specific distributor information, but this seems to be a step in the right direction.

~ Love seeing Sprecher Brewery recognizing and taking on this all-too-important topic of physical fitness and obesity (and all-too-often ignored topic while in the pursuit of great beer).

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