Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 4/30/12

More tasty news bits and bytes.

~ Bainbridge Street Barrel House, you say? Sounds like an idea to be cautiously interested and optimistic about. Sounds like a late summer/early fall target opening.

~ Joe Sixpack did Phillies fans a solid nearly 20 years ago with pour-cheating at Veterans Stadium. Maybe he can do something now about the skyrocketing cost of a beer. Interesting graphic of per beer costs around the league.

~ Peter Van Allen at Philadelphia Business Journal loves talking about beer, really good craft beer to be specific. Here he talked recently about the expanding operations of several Philadelphia-region breweries.

~ They (PBJ) also have a little "ale trail"-related slide show up at their site recently as well.

~ Look at what was found at Pittsburgh's Penn Brewery! They posted a picture on Facebook. Very cool find, eh?

~ Speaking of Penn. I knew of the management ins/outs of the past several years, but forgot the details of Pastorius' return until I came across this article from a couple years back.

~ Reading this quote the other day reminded me of the quote I shared with you a couple of weeks back where I asked you to insert the word "beer" for "tea". Here, I think you can do it "beer" for "hockey". Agree? "I believe in the game of hockey, and there is so much opportunity in the United States to grow the game," Shannon said. "Sometimes, we don't do a very good job of growing it because we only cater to the hard-core fan first. [Sunday] was a cater-to-the-hard-core-fan day."

~ Several nuggets of news here in this update of this past weekend's Gordon Biersch closure in San Francisco make it worth your reading. Difficult to believe that I first had some SF-based Gordon Biersch beer roughly 12 years ago and I wrote about them almost 6 years ago. Still stand by my assertion that a trip to downtown San Francisco should always include Magnolia on the west side of town and Gordon Biersch on the east side along the bay. Certainly a loss for the Embarcadero waterfront.

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