Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 4/16/12

Another round of interesting bits of brewing news from the Philadelphia area and beyond.

~ From the solid Philadelphia region Metropolis, read through this article about tea drinkers and see how many times you find yourself substituting the word beer.

~ A nice piece of tourism business drummed up with William Reed of the way-awesome Standard Tap and Johnny Brenda's, two establishments that stand alone in Philly. Shame on you if you've never been.

~ I love these little snippets from Uwishunu. Here's another one, this time featuring Home Sweet Home Brew's Nancy Rigberg...sharing what is also one of the city's secrets that I too share with friends and tourists. Kids love it too.

~ Another "beer garden". I guess now that gastropubs have peaked, we've moved on to beer gardens. A comment found buried within the link was a reference to how Delaware Avenue doesn't look anything like it did to 30-year-olds or 40-year-olds many years ago. Really? Again, call me a unappreciative 40-year-old cynic, but have you seen Delaware Avenue lately? That's a curious spin. What, I ask, happened to the Vision?

~ There's a big championship bike race in Philly too. Maybe New Belgium would like to come for that?

~ Well, duh. It certainly helps, I'd imagine, that they have one of the best supermarket beer selections as well...and in-store that respects and appreciates staff and customers. Wegmans, yes Wegmans is tops, no doubt.

~ The West Chester Beer Ladies got together with Iron Hill in West Chester to brew their Sparrow Saison which will be unveiled May 10 at the pub.

~ It's Dogfish Head and since it was not uploaded on 4/1, I can only assume that this informercial offering is true. Fun and worth your click.

~ Last night, Lew Bryson snuck out a recap of Session Beer Day.

~ If you haven't heard the story of Wendy Littlefield and Don Fienberg at Vanberg & DeWulf before, has an article worth reading up on its site.

~ Interesting article with meaningful points to ponder about drinking habits.

~ It's getting more difficult to stand out and survive in the craft brewing world. Here's an interesting take on parallels in the wine world and how they could take cues from the beer industry.

~ And the big micros keep getting bigger. First it was Sierra Nevada, Victory, and New Belgium. Now comes Lagunitas' big announcement.

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