Sunday, October 09, 2005

Birthday Weekend in Review

Ok, for a quick summary of a great food and beer weekend, see below. You'll be hearing more details about them in the coming days. Friday - weather sucked......went to Sly Fox in Royersford, PA. Major improvement on the overall feel (ambience?) compared to their Phoenixville location. Got a "private VIP tour" of the facilities, including brewery operations. Stopped up and enjoyed the Rauchbier that Adam wrote about earlier. Saturday - weather sucked some more....had a couple Oktoberfests at home to help the afternoon go by. Went to Majolica in Phoenixville for dinner, then Destiny brewpub afterwards. Jury's still out on Destiny. Will require one more follow-up visit with Adam. Sunday - weather tried to rebound but still sucked and the Eagles lost (convincingly) to add insult to injury. Went to The Black Door pub in South Street area of Philly for dinner and brews before going to see The Cat Empire at the TLA on South Street. All around (food, beer, music), this was the highlight of the weekend and well worth the lost sleep for Monday morning. Will have much more to say about The Black Door later. p.s. Oh, and by the way, Adam stopped by with a free sample (woo-hoo!) of the 120 minute IPA from Dogfish Head that he described in an earlier post. Thanks my friend! :-)

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