Sunday, October 09, 2005

Brew Pubs: The Sly Fox - Rauchbier

Friday night I was watching TV and surfing the web when I the phone rang. Bryan called. He was at The Sly Fox in Royersford, PA. After a quick recap of his experience he got to the point ;-) Would you like me to bring you home a growler to add to your collection? (Filled with beer of course.) I thought about it for a minute...ok it was a little less than that ;-). "Sure, I'll take a growler." I hit their beer list on their site. The Rauchbier sounded interesting...although I didn't know that it was smoked beer. How I missed that I'll never know. I'll let Bryan post about his experience at The Sly Fox in Royersford. I think he would tell it better. I would like to comment on the Rauchbier though. I'd have to say that it was just a bit too smokey. I'm not sure how to drink something like this. Maybe it's one of those beers that's better in small quantities or perhaps it should be enjoyed with some smoked meat. I do know that by itself it left me a little overwhelmed. Now, with that being said, I did finish the growler by Sunday night. is drinkable. Think Altbier & smoke flavor. If it were a little less smokey I would have enojoyed it more. Thanks Bryan :-) Yet another beer style sampled.

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