Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Brewing Beer: Misc - Kolsch, Altbier mmm, New Site

Yea got those homebrewing blues again. Maybe tonight I'll get the Kolsch into the secondary {shrug}. On another note, I am enjoying the Altbier more with every glass. Can't wait until Bryan can give his opinion. Will he pan it? Will he say..."'s ok." :-) We'll see. By the way I just found this site called The Brew Site. Seems to feature lots of examples of beer types including seasonals. Some mention of brewing too, but, I didn't see many articles about that. I added it to our links section on the right. Check it out if you like the low key authentic beer lover style websites. Removed the Google Site Search. It didn't search the site anyway! Kept the Google ads to see how it works and juggled some of the stuff on the right sidebar around so the links and archives are higher.


Bryan Kolesar said...

I'm actually tasting right now. Though, it's lost some of its "zip" since you poured it 48 hours ago. However, my tasters seem to be processing it a whole lot differently tonight than Monday night. I'm really enjoying the stout-like flavor and texture as well as the strong hops flavor that is coming through, but not in an offensive way. In the end, I'm left with a tasty, roasted flavor....almost burnt. Final verdict: real tasty, pleasantly bitter (but only if you like it), and can't wait to have more :)

Adam said...

:-) Excellent! I'm gonna draw one off the tap right now. Stop by for some fresh stuff with bubbles...heheh. It makes a big difference.