Sunday, October 23, 2005

Philadelphia Eagles: We won! Yards, Victory, Flying Fish

E-A-G-L-E-S...Eagles! This was the first time I ever went to an Eagles game and wow what a play at the end. They blocked a Chargers field goal and ran it back for a touch down to win the game! Whoohoo! Ok, I did want to mention that the beer was good. Maybe Bryan can help me out here too 'cause I can't remember which Yards it was. Basically they had Yards, Victory and Flying fish in bottles that they pour into a cup for you. Which is part of the reason I don't remember what they were. Victory lager for sure. I'm not sure if all the areas of Lincoln Financial Center had these brews, but, ours did and it really topped off this fall football day :-)


Bryan Kolesar said...

Yes, you were on the "club level" where you get different treatment than the rest of the stadium! ;-)

Outside section 112, they have Yards ESA, Flying Fish EPA, and Victory Lager in 12oz bottles poured into plastic cups. But, beware, I had to look long and hard for these beers and every concessionaire that I asked gave me the same blank look and puzzled reply. For example: Bryan at a Miller stand..."Do you have any other beers, maybe some special local beer?"; Concessionaire (looking very puzzled)..."Well, I know that some stands have Coors Light."

Anyway, we'll have to do a review on the Lake Placid 46er Pale Ale and Ubu Ale that we enjoyed during tailgating. I saved a 6-pack out for the next Monday Night Football game.

Glad you enjoyed your first Eagles game!

p.s. Firewaters will have to wait until another week :(

Adam said...

Yeah nothing like getting invited to my first Eagles game for free! I don't think that is happening again anytime soon :-)

Have you tried that Coors Light special local brew? Sounds interesting ;-)

I knew you would come through on the details about the beer offered. Thanks. And I did enjoy the Lake Placid selection during tailgating. Thanks.