Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tasting: Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

Well I had a chance to taste some of the 120 min. What can I say? This is something you just have to try. It almost doesn't taste like beer. Jeremy and I shared a bottle last night. Wow! I wish I would have taken notes, but, I'll do my best to describe the experience. Appearance Golden, legs, large bubbles in the head that disappated after a few minutes. Almost looked like a white wine. Nose Sweet, malty....can't remember much more. Taste Subltle sweet, honey, just a bit of alchohol, but, nothing to fret about. Drinkability Very! Be careful you could be three sheets to the wind with this 21% abv beern in no time. Seriously, this reminded me of a sweet Riesling style wine. Now I wouldn't say that you notice the hops much. I can't even remember any hops flavor, but, maybe I was just enjoying the whole experience so much I forgot to take note. If you have a chance and you like triples, belgians and the high abv. beer, then you can't pass this one up!


Jeremy said...

I agree... excellent beer! It does not taste like it has anymore alcohol than a 10% Triple or barley wine... no dry "alcoholy" afterbite.

Jeremy said...

p.s. Thanks again for the beer :-)