Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From Belgium to Cooperstown to NYC with Love

This week continues my NYC dry spell; but, Patty and Kathleen will be in NYC on Friday. They may have to swing by Blind Tiger to see what, if anything, is left. From Alan and the good folks at Blind Tiger...
This Wednesday Oct. 22nd @ 4:00PM, our dear friends from Ommegang, Duvel, D’Achouffe, Maredsous & Liefmans will be at the Blind Tiger for this amazing night... Yeah, all these beers together! The List: Ommegang Witte Ommegang Rare Vos Ommegang Hennepin Ommegang Abbey Ommegang Three Philosophers Ommegang Stout (Dry Irish Stout) Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence Ommegang Rouge (Flemmish Grand Cru) Ommegang Tripel Maredsous 8 (Brune) Maredsous 10 (Tripel) Liefmans Kriek Liefmans Frambozen Liefmans Brune D’Achouffe LaChouffe D’Achouffe McChouffe D’Achouffe Houblon Chouffe D’Achouffe N’Ice Chouffe Duvel Green AND, maybe, a special treat.... PS – Wednesday Oct. 29th @ 4:00PM, join us at the Blind Tiger as we pay homage to Stoudt’s Brewing Company… (over 12 lines of Stoudt's best brews) PSS - Wednesday Nov. 5th @ 4:00PM, we will be hosting Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery for the Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Event. (Some of the best and rarest from our friends at Brooklyn)

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