Thursday, October 09, 2008

GABF 2008---the time is nigh

Finally, my first visit to the first session of the 2008 GABF. How painful it is that Game 1 of the NLCS between the Phillies and Dodgers is right smack in the middle of tonight's 5:30pm session (mountain time). So, I'm counting on my friends back home (or back east, shall I say) to keep me updated....and I'll have my Phillies lid and rally towel with me to do my part. In the meantime, we found ourselves checking into our downtown Denver hotel, halfway between LoDo and the Convention Center (home of GABF). The city is truly taken over by the festival, at least at any beer bar and brewpub that matters. Yesterday, we made our way to Falling Rock (Oskar Blues and Avery promotions) and today over to the Great Divide reception. So far, it's been everything we could imagine. It's been a blast meeting up with people I've only previously met through e-mail or audio podcasts. I'm sure that the next few days will bring only more of the same. I don't have the ability to upload pictures from Denver, so those will have to wait until I get home. Joel Armato (of New Holland and Grain Bill) will have some updates forthcoming as well. Here's his first short installment.


Adam said...

What a sea of beer choices you must have before you.

Lets hope you did as well as the Phillies :-)

Greg G. said...

Great to see that you made it out to the GABF. It is one hell of a great time and Thursday was always my favorite day since more is available then so glad to see you made it then.

Watching the Phils take it to the Dodgers right now!

Dave said...

If by chance you wandered over to the Allentown / Bethlehem Brew Works booth then you probably got a pour from me as I was behind the tables serving brew. We had a lot of people trying their Pumpkin Ale, Blueberry Belch and Fromboise. Hope you had a great first night at GABF!