Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Iron Hill, New Jersey, GABF, and Beer-Stained Letter

A couple of local sites o' suds have recently mentioned the new Iron Hill location planned next year for Maple Shade, NJ. One is a usual outlet, another you may not have heard of but should check out for insights (written and video) into New Jersey's Beer Scene. While we're talking Iron Hill, if you're not headed to Colorado for this year's GABF then you may wish to head to their North Wales location to check out the following event. Sounds like a fun way to follow along. From the Keystone Homebrew newsletter....
2008 GABF PARTY @ IRON HILL BREWERY NORTH WALES Saturday, 10/11 Can't go to Denver this year to cheer on your favorite brewery at the GABF? No worries. Iron Hill Brewery North Wales is going to throw a "Great American Beer Festival in North Wales" Party on Saturday, October 11th, 2008 starting at 2:00 pm. This event will feature live video coverage of the Awards Ceremony directly from the Festival Stage in Denver starting at 3:30 Eastern time. We'll be watching to see how Dave Grosch, our local homebrewer extraordinaire will do with his pro-am beer Dave's Dunkles Brewed at Iron Hill Brewery North Wales. Iron Hill Brewery will be tapping beers that have been sent to the GABF and generally celebrating the largest beer festival and competition in the United States. This should be a real nail biter!

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