Thursday, October 09, 2008

I've Got Some Work to Do When I Return to Philly

In the meantime, get thyself over to EB+B and save a seat for me. (Just don't bother a guy named Richard if he happens to take the last seat.)

Way to knock this one off your list, Lew, before leaving town.

Then, follow Suzanne's notes over at The Beer Lass for what's happening at the Tied House, newest home for many of General Lafayette's beers. Check out her posting for opening menu of food and beers.

It appears that I've got some work to catch up with when I get home.

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Adam said...

Stopped by Earth Bread and Brewery last night and had a great time. Just tried the beers. I'll have to go back for food soon. All the beers were solid. The Pale stood out with its wispy and distinct hop finish and drinkability. The Fume intrigued me and drew me in with its smokey nose. A light hit of smoke on the tongue washed around with delicious malt...I'm hooked.

Definately a place to check out.