Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Victory should name a beer for Shane Victorino

The one thing I enjoy about visiting great states like Colorado, California, and the Pacific NW (other than their excellent beer communities) is the chance to not lose sleep over prime-time nationally-televised sporting events. Take, for example, games 1 and 2 of the National League Championship Series. The Phillies won both games. I was able to enjoy the games with friends and good beer and the latest game was over by 9:00pm mountain time. So I found other ways to lose sleep in Denver instead ;-) While I love to call the New England-to-MidAtlantic region of this country home, not losing sleep over late night games is something that I envy in our westerly friends. Last night was certainly one of those sleep-losing nights; this morning was rough. As is the morning after any late Sunday or Monday night football game. These games, as well as last night's, end typically after midnight. Still, I'd trade sleep for the way last night's game turned out. Truth be told, if the Dodgers had scored one more run, I might have called it a night (I know, I know what that says about me!). But, I hung in there to see our surprise centerfield postseason star and a 40-year-old's homerun blast seal the deal for the Phillies. Now, one question remains: Will I need my Friday night's game 6 tickets in Philly?


mcglinch said...

"Pineapple Pils" perhaps?

Bryan Kolesar said...

That's great! I'll throw in "Not at My Head Helles"....though, not as clever as yours.

Greg G. said...

Victorino is the man and deserves a beer for sure. During one of the games they said he favorite Hawaiian food was a sushi type roll with rice, seaweed and spam! Maybe a beer to accompany that fine creation would work.

I already have my alarm set to wake up at 2:22am tonight watch the Phils clinch things in LA! I would love to see them win in Philly but the stress of a game 6 may be too much. I hope they finish them off now!