Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wanna know how I bested Vegas Vic?

Warning: There's no useful information contained herein other than what you need to know to marvel at my amazing insights into the world of Phillies postseason baseball. A picture of notes that I scrawled on Wednesday morning shows my prediction for the Phillies series-clinching game on Wednesday night. Lancaster County correspondent, Dennis, returned this piece of paper to me yesterday, corroborating my prediction. Now, what I can do with this other than brag is beyond me. So, boast I will... If you can't decipher, it says Phillies 5 Dodgers 1 (my undocumented notes said that Manny would have a solo home run for the Dodgers only run). Cole was going 8 innings and striking out 9 (7 and 5 in reality) and the Dodgers would have 1 costly error...turns out it was 3, but that was not nearly their only undoing.

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