Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Balanced Libras

This was an interesting find from our friend, Dell...Mr. Deep Pond Brewing to you. Take it for what you will. Under my sign... Yuengling's Porter and Lord Chesterfield Ale were two of my earliest introductions to "non-mainsteam" beer. They still represent to me some of Yuengling's better offerings. Happy Birthday to me and all other Libras. Grab a Yuengling to celebrate, I suppose? Ah, never mind, I've got a bottle of Blind Pig and a bottle of La Folie here in Colorado, so that will have to do!

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame Yuengling can't pull their head out of the past and realize that they are being left by the wayside in the current microbrew boom. They could claim to be the original "craft" brewery in some sense, but instead, they insist on using corn adjunct in all their beers, a decidedly non-"craft" ingredient. I would love to see a "pure" beer from yuengling... surely they have the odd recipe or two they could pull out from the last 150 years? People already know the name, so it would be an easy sell.