Monday, August 03, 2009

Easy Like Monday Morning?

After 2 hours of setting up/breaking down, 9 hours of driving, 12 hours of sleeping, and 30 hours of eating/drinking/cavorting around the foothills of Ommegang...10 hours of sleep last night was easy to do and as welcome as it is rare for me to sleep that long. Still my 4.5 mile run this morning came a little more difficult than usual. Now, I need to breathe a bit, go through a bunch of material, photos, and schwag from a weekend in Cooperstown. Once I get around to sharing this all with you, it will likely be mid-week-ish. So you have the Ommegang wrap-up to look forward to as well as some exciting bits of goodness that I'll share this week with you about the upcoming Ebenezer's Belgian Beer Festival kickoff dinner with Sean Paxton. Otherwise, it's gonna be a quieter week than normal here in The Brew Lounge.

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Mark said...

And not a twitter during the whole event - tweet, tweet :>)