Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Saison for the people, by the people at Iron Hill in West Chester, PA

Is this Thursday the 20th a day for craft beer lovers in the Philadelphia region, or what? If you don't know of what I speak, you should probably check out the TBL calendar of events. Thirsty yet? If I wasn't in New England, let's see, what would I be doing? This would be a very tough call and I might even have opted in that case to try two events in one night (I know, ambitious for one weekday evening, but...y'know). Near the very top of my list, I must say, would have been the "Saison-a-Thon" at West Chester's location of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. The concept may work, it may not. But, I'll bet that it's gonna be fun nonetheless. And, really, there's not much that Iron Hill undertakes that doesn't have at least achieve a respectable level of success. I'll leave it to Larry Horwitz, head brewer in West Chester, to give you all of the details:
This Thursday, the 20th, we will be holding our first ever Saison-a-Thon here at Iron Hill, WC! We basically invited our staff to form teams (everyone from servers to chefs to management), formulate a "unique" saison utilizing any and all spices, fruit, hops, bacteria, yeast, additional fermentables, etc, etc that they could dream up, and then we brewed it. The resulting eight saisons will all be on draught next Thursday at 6:30 pm for your summer drinking pleasure. Five bucks gets you a taste of each, and after tasting, you will have the opportunity to pick your favorite. The best saison will be brewed again, only this time on a slightly larger scale! Oh, and did I mention that each team will have 3 minutes to pitch their saison to the crowd (I've heard rumors of interpretive dance). This should be a blast! In anticipation of this ground breaking event, we've been profiling a person or two from each team. [see the IH/WC blog for profiles already written]

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