Monday, December 28, 2009

Are you bored this week?

Just in case you're going stir crazy, need a little liquid warming, and/or happen to be on either end of the state (of PA, that is) looking for a way to get yourself through to New Year's Eve/Day (whichever it is that you tend to prefer), I offer you these 2 late entries to the Weekly Calendar. ~~~Penn Brewery wants you to be a part of the reintroduction of its "new self" in Pittsburgh... for a free taste, check 'em out on Wednesday, 12/30 ~~~Over in the eastern side of the state, Craft Ale House is celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary in the shadows of Limerick's cooling towers. Seems appropriate if that so-called Nuclear Penguin beer would make an appearance, eh? and it's tomorrow, 12/29.

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