Thursday, December 24, 2009

Donate to Worthy Charities first

I'd considered suggesting to you that for a great last minute holiday gift, you might check out the Brew Your Own ad over there on the right-------> But, then I figured that was pretty selfish. Yes, I get a little kickback from the magazine and that's nice. But, then as we were making our end-of-year charitable contributions, I figured I should first suggest that you do that instead. I figure that anyone reading this has the means at least to have Internet access and a device to be able to read web content such as this. And, though this has been a tough year all around to varying degrees for almost everyone, if you're reading this, I'm guessing that things are at least good enough that you can make a contribution to a worthy charity for those organizations that are doing the most for causes that need it the most. Go do that, please. It is, after all, in keeping with the spirit of the holiday season regardless of how you choose to celebrate it. Then, if you have a few spare nickels after that and wish to buy yourself a little something, get a last minute gift, and help to support The Brew Lounge, then by all means....go check out the Brew Your Own magazine ad and make some better beer in 2010.

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