Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 2009

Wait, what happened to Y2K? And, is Y2K10 gonna be a problem that no one told us about?! I can't believe how quickly the last decade feels like it has flown by. It really hasn't. It's just a function, so I'm told, of getting older. I suppose it's happening. But, I believe I can say that I can recall almost all of it, and it's been a blast. And that brings us to tonight. By now, I suppose that most of you have your plans set. I'm hunkering down in the neighborhood with my boyz and girlz from the hood and doing a neighborhood "pub" crawl, where each participating house will specialize in something special food-wise and drink-wise. With keeping the kids close by (everyone else's, that is) and keeping any one or more of us from behind the wheel, this should be a good formula for keeping things relatively cheap, safe, and fun...all without venturing too far from home. It might not keep the sobriety down, but we should pay attention to that, because we have plans to meet up with all the beery party people on New Year's Day in the City from Local 44 (Happy Anniversary) to Devil's Den (for a taste of Old Bart) to 2 Street for a bunch of no-good mummery! You still haven't made up your mind?! Get on it...and find yourself wandering through my New Year's Eve Guide that should help you find something decent to do from Marin County to Maine. Enjoy, be safe...and I'll see you all in the next decade. Check back tomorrow for the usual weekly calendar....a day later than usual.

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