Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time to get a little Viral

Coffee drank, bagel eaten, dogs walked, concert watched, wife dropped off at train station (more later), kitchen cleaned, bed fixed, estate been readied for the storm. A very productive morning thus far. Now time to get a little viral. Funny thing is I knew that JibJab had this feature, just couldn't figure out how I might want to use it. And that, my friends, is the difference between simpletons like me and creative types like Jennie Hatton. I'm giving credit to Jennie because Suzanne did, so to see what I'm talking about, follow the linky-links through the Beer Lass where I give credit to having found it. Confused? Don't be...just click the link and enjoy. This is Philly's version of I Am a Craft Brewer! oh, the train thing? yeah, I could be sipping from some casks at the Khyber later today. Patty's already downtown, so why shouldn't I join her? Walking in an urban wonderland, cask beer, Christmas Village...sounds like a perfect plan? We shall see and report back later...

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