Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Barrel Full of Beer Memes, #3

"I Once Got Busy with an A-B Salesgirl" It's been a while since I've passed a "beer meme" around to you. This one came to me the other day when I heard the lyrics "...I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom..." You remember that song, I know you do...go ahead it's okay, you can admit it! It reminded me of one of craft brewing's "rock stars" (so to speak---pun somewhat intended), Sam Calagione. He and his longtime brewer Bryan Selders mashed in and mixed up some beats as the duo called Pain Relievaz. And one of their songs/raps? "A-B Salesgirl" from 2004's just-missed-platinum Check Your Gravity. I transcribed some of the lyrics below for your enjoyment (couldn't find any trace of YouTube, Vimeo, or the likes to share video with you). If you need more, you can check out Let's Play Twister (down in Dewey), What Would Alan Pugsley Do?, and Brewer's Bling Bling.
"I tried to explain it, she just looked surprised as if her brain cells had been pasteurized" "I've been rockin' fat beats since the boys at Mendocino were selling all their ales from a Chevy El Camino" "I said what do you want, she said a Budweiser; girl you must be on more drugs than my homies down at Phizer" "I said I'll show you dirty, slammed down the money took her to my crib we hottubbed in my undies. Feeling pretty fly, I had no sense of danger, so I stuck my brewers hose inside her heat exchanger" "I said I'll be your man, but I'll never be your hubby so I started buffing out her ass with a green scrubby. She tossed back her hair, fell into a frenzy, started barking out my name like she was Spuds McKenzie"
That'll be the only time the name Spuds McKenzie will show on this website, I think it's pretty safe to say. Check back here for Beer Meme #2

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