Saturday, December 26, 2009

Upcoming at The Brew Lounge

Here's what I've got for you over the next 10 days or so. - a Pittsburgh Trip Report (cuz there's always something good to report coming out of the 'burgh and this is now a couple of weeks overdue) - a NYC Trip Report ( about 1 month delinquent) - a Hawaii Trip Report (good stuff to talk about, even though I had to dig a bit harder...but still, this is somewhere around 3 months old at this point and I'm running out of excuses) - gonna keep the New Year's Eve Guide up-to-date, because all you party people deserve it - and I think I have a little something special here at year-end to recognize those who have passed on during 2009 - oh, and a little something to do with beer and running...something that is still not quite ready to be discussed Hope you're all enjoying whichever holidays you may celebrate and that the season has held something special for you. Holiday Cheers, Bryan

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