Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beer in Grocery you care?

As a preview to the poll over there --->>>, you may like to check out a mini-debate of sorts that Lew Bryson was recently included in during a 10 o'clock newscast on the Philadelphia local affiliate of the Fox Network. (once you land on the Fox29 page, click off the Photo tab and on to the Video tab to see a replay of the five minute debate.) I'd put up a little poll thing-a-ma-thing, but maybe I'll just ask you to comment below. Er, that may not go so well. So feel free to comment down below, but if your time is limited, then just click one of the poll buttons over there to the right instead. I'm interested to know just how important Pennsylvanians think it is to be able to buy beer in a grocery store, gas station, and the like. I'm only talking about availability of retail licenses, not about the 'Case Law', 'Brand Registration', and other points of the law. Rather just merely about point-of-sale availability. Is the ability to purchase beer not convenient enough for you today? Are prices prohibitively high in today's system of beer distribution? Pick the answer that suits your opinion best.

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