Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday night to-do list...Football, Beer, Food

If you're out and about in northern Chester County tonight, you can get your sports, your beer, and your food fixes served tonight....just as I'll be doing. Good thing I'm not in the witness protection program as I'm telling you exactly where I'll be tonight. It's only because I recommend that you do the same. First, start things out (unless you don't have a day job, which in that case your happy hour might start at lunch) with happy hour at Winner's Circle along route 100 in Exton, PA. Now, I hear all my beer friends out there scratching their heads--yes, I can hear the scratching. "Winner's Circle? I thought you were a beer connoisseur?" Now c'mon my fine, frothy friends...let's not be snobbish about it. Yes, they are a tried-and-true sports bar complete with personal speakers on every table to tune to your choice of TVs. And, yes, they carry much of the type of beer that many of us do not reach for first. But, they also carry a smattering of Victory, Flying Fish, and Sam Adams. So, while I'm there that will be more than just fine for me. Plus it will be a nice contrast to what I'll be drinking later. Oh wait, and why will I be at Winner's Circle? Glad you asked, and I'll bet you're glad that I finally got around to it. My longtime, good friend Lloyd Vance (NFL Insider and Senior Writer), will be a guest on the Matt Lombardo Sports Talk show (WCHE-AM) at 5:00pm. With all of the Phillies and Flyers success of the past few weeks (whither the Sixers...har!), the Eagles are creating some of their own buzz with the 2010 Draft currently underway. Lloyd and Matt will be breaking down what they think it all means to Philadelphia and the NFL and will be taking calls as well. Join in person, or by phone at 610-701-WCHE (9243). After that, I'll be heading off to West Chester and (believe it or not) my first Beer Dinner at Iron Hill. This one, on paper, looks to be a great one. This morning, I was informed that they are still a couple of seats shy of a sold-out dinner. Not sure how that can be, given the menu and that each of the beers being served have either been fermented in and/or aged in wooden barrels from Chaddsford Winery. With the cellar master from Chaddsford also due to be in attendance, it should make for a great night around the dinner table in West Chester. Here is some paraphrasing of the dinner menu that you can find in more detail over at Iron Hill's website. Five Course Spring Beer Dinner @ 7:00pm $75 pp including gratuity. Reservations required. 610.738.9600 Executive Chef Dan Bethard will be kicking out Rare Seared Ahi Tuna, Spiced Braised Pork Belly, Diver Sea Scallop, Roasted Lamb T-Bone, Crème Caramel, and then some Artisanal Cheeses to finish things off. This smart looking menu will be paired with Larry Horwitz's and Jean Broillet's creations from the brewhouse including D'Armand, Self Titled, Barrel #9, Cherry Dubbel, Au Ciel, Tuff Ghost.

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Mike said...

Damn, bro! That Iron Hill event looks killer-diller. Not sure how that one fell off my radar.